Chapter 13. Designer Name

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13.1  Introduction

The application form must show the name(s) of the designer(s).

13.2  Who is the Designer?

The designer is the natural person(s) who conceives the design and then reduces it to its visible form. The designer can be one or more natural persons. Companies and other legal entities are not natural persons and therefore cannot be listed as designer names.

It is the Registrar’s preference that the designer(s) be named individually, however it is possible that the creator(s) of the design is not clearly identifiable. This may be the case in a large company where many sections might be involved in making a design or a contracted/assigned company with similar circumstance.

It is undesirable practice to record a company or group rather than the individual name(s) but it is unavoidable in some circumstances. When no designer(s) is identified, the owner or agent should be queried as to why no specific designer has been named. Examples of how the designers could be identified, where the reasons given sound reasonable, include “Members of the Design Team of XXX Pty Ltd” or “Employees of XXX Pty Ltd”.

13.3  Summary

If there is no designer listed, or the designer’s name does not appear to be the name of a natural person, a deficiency notice should be raised.