Time for Completing the Search Report

Date Published

The international search report should, under normal circumstances, be established within 10 weeks (see Customer Service Charter Timeliness Guidelines for apology time limits) of receipt of the search copy by the ISA but in all cases within 3 months from the receipt of the search copy or 9 months from the priority date, whichever time limit expires later. 

If additional search fees are paid, the PCT Unit will update the CSC Due Date to reflect 10 weeks from the date of payment. However, if the updated date goes beyond the Final Date for Action Type, then the CSC date will be updated to reflect 5 days before the Final Date for Action Type. If the updated date does not go beyond the Final Date for Action Type, then the 10 weeks date will be used. This will allow the PCT Unit enough time to dispatch the ISR/ISO (see 1.2 PCT Application Fee Processing > Response to the Invitation to Pay Additional Fees in the COG Manual).  The final date for establishing the report should be strictly adhered to regardless of the need to conduct additional searches pursuant to the applicant paying additional search fees. [Rule 42.1]