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1.1.19 Annex S - Refund of Search Fees

Updated to reflect current practice of refunding search fee when earlier search results are used

01 August 2019 Box I Basis of Opinion/Report for ISOs, IPEOs and IPRPs

Updated to clarify the situation where superseded and superseding amendments need to be included in item 2 Box 1 of IPEOs and IPRPs.

01 August 2019 Expedited Examination Under the Global Patent Prosecution Highway Expedited Examination Under the IP Australia-European Patent Office Patent Prosecution Highway

Updated to indicate that as 8 July 2019 examiners are no longer required to complete a PPH – Examiner Evaluation Form.  Examiners should instead complete the questions regarding the application in DocGen when preparing the Exam Corro task in PAMS.

Inclusion of procedures for handling applications that do not meet the GPPH/PPH requirements.

01 August 2019 Discussion of Citations Identifying Citations Citing Many Citations Non-Patent Literature FER Retrieval Objections Based on FER Identifying Citations, Multiple Citations

Updated to indicate that citation details downloaded through OPS will automatically populate the source of the citation in DocGen.

01 August 2019


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