1.1.1 Procedural Outline - PCT International Search

Date Published

  1. Initial processing by PCT Unit
  • creation of INTESS record
  • referral to the relevant Section

2. Allocate to search examiner and determine preliminary classification

3. Consider unity of invention

4. Consider excluded subject matter

5. Check abstract & figure

  • draft an abstract if required

6. Examine specification and check for formality issues

7. Earlier search (including PCT third party observations – see

8. Formulate a search strategy and determine a consolidated search strategy in consultation with a three person team.

9. Conduct search using EPOQUE (and/or other search tools as required)

10. Search non-patent literature (NPL) as required and order relevant non patent literature from library if not already available from the internet

11. Search AU documents as required

12. Download and store all citations relating to a PCT application to COMPASS.

13. Prepare Written Opinion of the International Searching Authority (ISO)

14. Prepare search report and notification

  • assign citation relevance category using discussion in ISO to categorise citations against groups of claims

15. Prepare a Search Information Statement (SIS) (the SIS, ISO and ISR are prepared by using the PCT/ISA/210-237-SIS template)

16. Refunds for earlier search

17. Final Processing by PCT Unit