1.1.16 Assistance with Foreign Languages

Date Published

Where a search examiner requires assistance with a foreign language, he or she should consult the list of foreign language translators and the services of a suitable examiner.

Whilst as many as three examiners will often be involved in the conduct of any one search, only one examiner - the person whose normal duties cover the technical area of the search - will have the immediate responsibility for both the conduct of the search and the indicating of the special categories of cited documents.

It may on occasions be possible for a search examiner with no foreign language capability to nevertheless perform a preliminary culling of relevant material on the basis of drawings or formulae. Where possible this should be done before foreign language documents are given to foreign language translators.

It is the search examiner's duty to inform the foreign language translator of the nature of the invention and to indicate to them the nature and scope of the search. Copies of the written search statement and/or copies of the broadest claim(s) should be provided to the foreign language translator. It is not expected that these translators should be required to determine this information, since apart from duplication of effort there is a danger of inconsistency.