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The "Minimum Documentation" is set out in full in the WIPO Handbook on Industrial Property Information and Documentation under “PCT Minimum Documentation” and can be summarised according to [Rule 34] of the Regulations under the PCT as follows:

  • the national patent documents issued in and after 1920 by:
    • the United States of America (US)
    • the United Kingdom (GB)
    • France (including utility certificates) (FR)
    • the former Reichspatentamt of Germany and the Federal Republic Of Germany (DE)
    • Switzerland (in French and German) (CH)
    • Japan (JP) where English language abstracts are available
    • the former Soviet Union (SU) where English language abstracts are available
    • the People’s Republic of China (CN)
    • the Republic of Korea (KR)
    • the Russian Federation (RU)
  • non-Convention patent documents from any other country which are in the English, French, German or Spanish language and where these documents have been sorted and placed at the disposal of the ISA.  (Any such Spanish language documents are only required to be searched to the extent that an English language abstract is generally available.)

    The only non-Convention patent documents which have so far been placed at the disposal of the Australian Patent Office are those of Canada (CA) and Austria (AT). The first Canadian document was issued on 26 October 1976; and a search is required to be made only back to that document.
  • the published international (WO) applications and regional patent documents (eg. EP)
  • published items of agreed non-patent literature
  • Australian patent documents

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