1.5.3. Initial Processing

Date Published

Upon receipt in this Office such requests are forwarded to the PCT Unit who will:

  • acknowledge receipt to the Department of Intellectual Property of Thailand,

  • allocate an identification number using the Thai application number and scan the documents in INTESS,

  • update the applicant’s details in Applicant object,

  • update the search request date in Search object which will be the date of receipt in this Office,

  • Update the search report completion date as 10 weeks (See Customer Service Charter Timeliness Guidelines for apology time limits) from the request date in Search object in INTESS,

  • create a Thai application folder for each new application in the International Folder in COMPASS,

  • make an alias and place it in the appropriate technology Tech Sort sub-folder in INTESS.

A Tech sorter will now perform the tech sort and forward the ECase to an examination section.