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1.6.4 Search Procedure

Date Published

The objective of the search is to discover the state of the art i.e. within the art specified in the request, those documents which are representative of the various trends of inventions during the period searched.

WIPO have suggested that on average 20 documents would show this.

Since these requests have no "priority date", regard must be had to any document published at the time of doing the search, being available and accessible to the examiner.

An international-type search is required.

PCT unit will create a WIPO application folder for each new application in the International Folder in COMPASS.

In brief, WIPO searches involve the steps:

  • the search examiner, in consultation with a three person team, will indicate an appropriate classification and limitations of the search in relation to period, language or country.

  • where there is insufficient information in the search request to enable the search examiner to undertake a proper search, the examiner is to write to WIPO seeking a more detailed description of the invention. The letter should be forwarded to the PCT Unit (together with the case file) for despatch (an example of the letter may be found at Annex C). This may result in a justifiable delay to the search completion date.

  • Conduct search using EPOQUE

  • Search non-patent literature (NPL) as required and order relevant non patent literature from library

  • Search AU documents as required

  • Download and store all documents relating to a WIPO application in the respective International Folder in COMPASS.
    Storage of documents is to be in accordance with the guidance provided at 4.4 COMPASS and Citation Storage.

  • Prepare a Search Information Statement (SIS) as part of the template in Intelledox.

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