1.6.5 Search Report

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Following completion of the search, the search report is compiled. WIPO Guidelines including sample reports are found at Annex A.1, A.2 and A.3. An example of a completed Australian report form is shown at Annex B.

In completing this form,

  • delete any country not searched

  • patent documents are referred to by at least country and publication number

  • comments are normally required, the only exception being where the requestor is an Industrial Property Office.

  • where comments are made they are to be limited to what the document discloses i.e. why it has been cited - see the completed example report(s)

  • where space is insufficient, add a further sheet.

The Intelledox template including:

  • the search report, and
  • a Search Information Statement (SIS).

is automatically sent to the PCT Unit when you click SUBMIT in Intelledox.

*Note: There is no requirement for reports to be signed, and to avoid any confusion in the mind of the applicant resulting from differing practices, reports should not be signed.