Consistency of Title in the Documents

Date Published

There should be substantial identity between the title in the complete specification and other documents in the case file, in order to establish that the documents relate to the one application. If this relationship can otherwise be clearly established, the mere fact that the title is different on different documents does not give rise to an objection. However, the title that will appear on the certificate of grant will be taken from the patent request or front page of the PCT pamphlet and not any other document (see 2.11.9 Title of the Specification).

Examiners have no authority to change the titles on any documents following a change introduced on another document under the provisions of sec 104, or reg 10.1. Corresponding amendments of other titles may be requested by the applicant under the appropriate provision of the Act. Where the original titles were in conformity with one another, there is no objection to subsequently introduced differentiations, provided the specification commences with a title.