2.13 Annex B - Guidelines for Completing the Final Report Form

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The following guidelines relate to completing the final (clear) report form for paper cases.  When accepting cases in the PAMS environment, examiners should refer to 5.10.19 Acceptance.

Abridgement Information

Abridgement information only needs to be provided for those applications that are not yet OPI.  The broadest claim number must be indicated at Item 57.  Where:

  • the claim selected is not considered to be descriptive enough; or
  • the claim employs a definition; or
  • there are additional noteworthy disclosures; or
  • alternative subject matter is claimed; or
  • the claim selected is unduly long or complex and examiners believe a brief summary would assist a searcher to quickly grasp the inventive concept; or
  • the application is for a patent of addition and the selected claim refers to a claim in the parent; or
  • the inventive concept is not readily apparent from the claim;

then an explanatory statement or explanatory notes may also be included.  Thus examiners may:

  • indicate a suitable short passage from the specification at the ‘Extract page(s)’ box.  The extract must be identified by filing date and amendment item number (if applicable).
  • enter a more informative title at Item 54.
  • select additional claims.  These must be identified by filing date and amendment item number (if applicable).
  • in the case of an application for a patent of addition, attach a copy of the parent claim.
  • prepare a short summary or statement and include it in the ‘Explanatory Notes’ box, supplemented (if necessary) by attached pages.  Claims that require an explanatory statement are usually those where the inventive concept is not immediately apparent.  Such claims can sometimes appear invalid due to the apparent absence of an inventive step.  Under no circumstances should the summary or statement express a negative view as to the merits of the invention.  Where examiners are in doubt as to whether a claim requires an explanatory note they should seek the advice of a senior examiner.

Final Report Form