Applicant Requested PSO

Date Published

An applicant may request a PSO at any time before the filing of a request for standard examination.  Where the PSO request is filed:

  • with a request for examination; or
  • after examination has already been requested;

the PSO Practice Officer (Supervising Examiner ELEC 1) will contact the applicant and advise that in these circumstances a PSO will not be carried out.


A fee is payable at the time of filing the PSO request.  Where the fee is not paid, COG will send a letter to the applicant indicating that the request will not be acted upon due to non-payment of the fee.  An invitation to pay the fee will not be issued and the application will not lapse as a result of failure to pay the fee.  Where the applicant wishes to proceed with the PSO, a new request will have to be filed, together with the fee.

Where the fee is paid but the PSO cannot be carried out, the fee will be refunded.