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Where attorneys intend filing a response less than one week prior to the final acceptance deadline, they have been requested to forewarn examiners by phone and subsequently forward a copy of the response via email. However, as email is not an official means for filing a response, a follow-up copy of the response must be filed by an official means (e.g. eServices) before the final deadline.

Upon such notification, examiners are to proceed with examination on the basis of the response received via email, but to delay acceptance until receipt of the official copy of the response.

Note: Responses filed via eServices are processed promptly and should appear in PAMS within 30 minutes of filing.  Consequently, it should not be necessary for examiners to ask COG to expedite the processing of a response.  The only exceptions are where there is an unexpected eServices outage and a response is filed via the Alternate Lodgement Service (ALS), or in rare circumstances where a response is filed via emergency fax.  In these situations examiners should contact COG to allow for manual processing of the response.

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