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If an examination report is emailed to an attorney or applicant, a copy of the report should also be dispatched via the outbound correspondence system in the usual manner (see Examiner’s Adverse Report). Examiners are to ensure that a copy of the email is added to the case file (see Add an Email to the Ecase).

Where a report is urgent and requires immediate dispatch, examiners should follow the procedures outlined in Examiner Correspondence Screen and Dispatch Management.

Note: Email is not an official means for filing a response to an examiner's report. Thus, any documents required to be filed (e.g. substitute pages, notice of entitlement, request to amend) or applicant/attorney submissions must be filed in paper or via eServices. They cannot be filed by email. If a response to a report is received via email, examiners should contact the applicant or attorney and advise that the response must be filed in paper or via eServices.

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