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A report issues when it is placed in the PAMS Ecase as a completed document (i.e. with the document status of ‘FILED’), and cannot be withdrawn and replaced by a new report.

Warning: Examination reports with the document status of ‘FILED’ MUST NOT be deleted from the PAMS Ecase.  However, reports with the status of ‘DRAFT’ may be deleted, as these are working documents that have not been issued.

Consequently, where examiners become aware that a completed report with the document status of ‘FILED’ contains an error, for example an objection has been overlooked, or an objection is recognised as wrongly taken, the appropriate corrective action is to immediately issue a further report (i.e. second, third etc).* The report should also include an apology as appropriate (as per 2.1.5 Inconsistent or Piecemeal Examination).

Where examiners are aware of other inconsistencies or omissions in a completed report, they should consult a senior examiner as to whether it is necessary to issue a further report, or if a phone call to the applicant or attorney will suffice.

See also PERP codes [A80] and [A81] for cases where correction of a report is required as a result of quality review.  Further information on issuing corrective actions as a result of a quality review Finding can be found in the Quality System and Security Manual.

*Note: When issuing the further report, examiners should ensure that the report is correctly numbered.  Where the report number is incorrect and requires editing, examiners should follow the procedure outlined in Exam Correspondence Default Names, Editing the Further Report Number.  

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