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Note: The IASF was replaced by the International Application Status Report (IASR) as of 27 April 2009; see The IASR for further information.

The International Application Status Form (IASF) provides certain information regarding an international application.  In particular, it may be used to determine the date of filing of a demand for international preliminary examination (Chapter II demand).

An IASF will be provided in either XML or PDF format.

XML Format

The demand information, where provided, is always just above the invention title.

Where no demand is filed, this information is absent from the IASF.

PDF Format

The demand information is provided in Box VII-1.  Where a demand is filed, the box will indicate “Yes” and the date of filing of the demand.  Where no demand is filed, the box will indicate “No”.

Note: WIPO generates an IASF based on the information it receives and in the vast majority of cases this information is accurate. However, the accuracy of the information provided in an IASF could be affected by unusual events, for example where WIPO was not sent relevant information. In general, examiners should rely upon the information provided in an IASF, unless they have good reason not to.

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