Translation Supplied by the International Bureau

Date Published

Where the filing language of the international application is not one of the languages of publication under the PCT, the Receiving Office may forward an English translation of the international application to the International Bureau and this is published as the pamphlet rather than the original language version. These pamphlets are readily identified from their front page (see 2.20 Annex E – PCT Pamphlet Front Page, where the publication language [INID Code (26)] differs from the filing language [INID Code (25)]).

In the circumstances mentioned above the file will not include a copy of the foreign language specification and it is not necessary for it to do so.

Where the file contains both a translation in the form of a pamphlet and a translation supplied by the applicant, the examination report should be based on the pamphlet and the applicant informed of that fact.

For translations filed before or on 25 September 2019, there is the requirement that the translation be verified.  In this situation, the pamphlet provided by the International Bureau is considered to be the verified translation of the PCT application. Although not accompanied by a declaration made by a translator, the translation was prepared by a PCT Authority and is accepted as verified to the satisfaction of the Commissioner.

Note: The languages of publication under the PCT are Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

Incorrect Translation

Note: The following information only applies to translations filed after 25 September 2019.  

Where examiners have any doubts about the accuracy of the translation supplied by the International Bureau, they should follow the procedures outlined in Translation Supplied by the Applicant, Incorrect Translation.