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2.22 Annex B - Intention to Re-Examine Letter

Date Published

Intention to Re-Examine

Patent Details

Patent No.:  20XXXXXXXX

Patentee(s):  ABC

Your reference:  1234

Earliest Priority Date:  3 February 2010

Examination Request Date:  3 January 2012

I am writing to inform you that the Commissioner considers that re-examination of the above patent is warranted and intends to re-examine the above patent.

Actions you can take

Under Section 97(4), where relevant proceedings in relation to a patent are pending, the Commissioner must not re-examine the complete specification in relation to the patent.

Please advise the Commissioner of any relevant proceedings or court actions within seven (7) days of the date of this letter.

If no reply to this letter is received within this time, it will be considered that there are no relevant proceedings and the patent will be re-examined and a re-examination report will issue in due course. Under Section 97(5), where the Commissioner has started to re-examine the complete specification and relevant proceedings in relation to a patent are started, the Commissioner must not continue the re-examination. You are therefore requested to inform the Commissioner of any such proceedings immediately that they are started.

How to contact us

Examiner:  XXXXXX

Corporate  1300 651 010

Telephone:  (9am-5pm Mon-Fri)

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