2.25.2 Entries in the Register

Date Published

The Register of Patents contains particulars of patents in force. The particulars recorded are as follows:

  • patent number;
  • name(s) and address(es) of the patentee(s);
  • name(s) of the inventor(s);
  • title of the patent;
  • term of the patent;
  • date accepted;
  • date granted;
  • status of the patent;
  • expiry date;
  • date ceased;
  • date revoked;
  • priority details;
  • divisional and/or additional details;
  • issuing of duplicate deeds;
  • alteration or correction of ownership details;
  • mortgagee, licensee or other interests;
  • transfer of entitlement to the patent or licence, or a share in the patent or licence;
  • details of court orders concerning a patent, being orders filed or served on the Commissioner;
  • details of a sequestration notice, or other document or order, declaring the previous holder of patent rights bankrupt;
  • extension of term;
  • an amendment to the complete specification after grant; and
  • restoration.