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2.29.2 Fitness for Reproduction

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Filed documents must be fit for reproduction. Thus, the patent request, specification and abstract must be typewritten or otherwise machine printed, except for symbols relating to graphic matter, or chemical or mathematical formulae, which may be handwritten or drawn. In general, handwriting is not considered to be an approved process, although the Commissioner may consent to the patent request, specification or abstract being handwritten.

The main criterion used to determine whether documents are acceptable is whether they can be reproduced satisfactorily.  If examiners are in any doubt as to whether a document is suitable for reproduction, they should contact COG. The unfitness of the complete specification for reproduction is a significant issue and should be objected to where appropriate.

Note: The relevant provisions are:

•  Formalities Determination (sec 7 and sec 11)
•  Schedule 3 (clause 2 and clause 7).

See 2.29 Formalities and Forms for further information.

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