2.29.3 Numbering of Pages

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Each page of a specification must be numbered. The cover sheet of a specification, if used, is numbered as page 1. The remaining pages are numbered 2, 3, etc. The numbering of pages should be at the top of the page, however no objection should be taken if the numbering is located at the bottom of the page.

Drawings (figures), graphics and photographs are not numbered as pages of the specification, but are numbered separately by means of sets of 2 Arabic numerals separated by an oblique stroke, the first numeral in each set being the consecutive number of each sheet, beginning with the number 1, and the second being the total number of sheets containing the drawings, graphics or photographs. An expanded view of part of a drawing (figure), graphic or photograph should be numbered as a separate drawing (figure), graphic or photograph.

Note: For information on allowable amendments to page numbers, see Form Amendments Should Take, ‘Page Numbering’.

Note: The relevant provisions are:

•  Formalities Determination (sec 10)
•  Schedule 3 (clause 5).

Note that the requirements for graphics and photographs only apply with respect to the Formalities Determination.

See 2.29 Formalities and Forms for further information.