Address for Correspondence

Date Published

Applicants must indicate an address for service (see Address for Service) on the patent request. They may provide a different address for correspondence, however there is no legislative requirement to do so.  The purpose of an address for correspondence is to provide an address to which all correspondence from the Commissioner can be sent and it need not be located in Australia.  Where no address for correspondence is provided, all correspondence will be sent to the address for service.

In certain situations, an applicant may in communication indicate an address for correspondence that differs from that on record, without formally advising of any change. During examination, if it is noticed that the conflicting addresses have not been queried by COG, examiners should draw attention to the apparent inconsistency and request clarification from the applicant. The report should be sent to the address appearing in the most recent item of correspondence.

Subject to the above, examination reports are to be addressed and sent to the address provided by the applicant. All applications in PAMS will have an indication of the address listed in the ‘Agent Details’ screen.