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2.7 Annex D - Notification to Applicant of Request for Release

Date Published


A request under Regulation 3.25(1) for the release of a sample of micro-organism ATCC CRL-12345 has been received by the office.  As there is no evidence on file that micro-organism ATCC CRL-12345 is a Budapest Treaty deposit, the office has assumed that the deposit was made under the Rules of the Budapest Treaty.

Please find enclosed copies of the request for certification, undertaking by the requestor, correspondence sent to the requestor and Form BP/12 for micro-organism ATCC CRL-12345.

In accordance with Regulation 3.25(3), before the Commissioner makes a decision, you are entitled to make submissions on the matter. You are therefore requested to, within one month of the date of this letter, provide submissions (if any) that you believe are appropriate to this matter.

Yours sincerely

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