3.10.2 Recording Particulars in the Register

Date Published

The particulars that are recorded in the Register are as follows:

  • Patent number
  • The name and address of the patentee(s)
  • The name of the inventor(s)
  • Title of the patent
  • Term of the patent
  • Date accepted
  • Date granted
  • Date of patent
  • Status of the patent
  • Expiry date
  • Date ceased
  • Date revoked
  • Priority details
  • Divisional and/or additional details
  • Alteration or correction of ownership details
  • Mortgagee, licensee or other interests
  • Transfer of entitlement to the patent or licence, or a share in the patent or licence
  • Extension of term
  • Restoration
  • Court orders

At grant, the particulars applying at that time are entered into the Register.