Hearing Fee

Date Published

The fees payable for a hearing are specified in schedule 7 of the Regulations (see in particular items 230, 231 and 231A).  Any hearing fee must be paid prior to the commencement of the hearing and preferably at least 7 days beforehand.

Each party appearing at an oral hearing (whether in person, by telephone or by video conference), or being heard on the basis of written submissions, is required to pay the relevant hearing fee.  Where a party does not appear in person, by telephone or by video conference, and does not make written submissions, no fee is payable for attending the hearing (unless the party requested the hearing).

Where several parties are represented by a common representative, each party is nevertheless required to pay the hearing fee.

Where the hearing is in respect of more than one action (e.g. an opposition by A against B and an opposition by B against A) heard concurrently, a hearing fee is required by each party in respect of each action.

If an oral hearing does not proceed, the hearing fee is refundable.