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Communication of Changes

Date Published

All communication of changes to the Manual is to be conducted consistent with, and developed with reference to, the IP Australia Change Management Framework.

Changes are communicated to examiners by means of the ‘Updates’ which are viewed on the ‘Welcome’ page when first logging into the Manual.  This page summarises the changes and provides links directly to the changed sections. Changes within the sections are highlighted in yellow except when the whole section has been updated, when no highlighting is necessary.  This highlighting should remain until the next monthly update.  Strikethrough of outdated text is not required.

The Manual Editor will also notify staff of major changes via email.  An article may also be published in the P&PBR newsletter (PaPerBRaG).  

External customers will be notified of changes via the ‘Updates’ on the ‘Welcome’ page of the external version of the Manual available on IP Australia’s website.

When drafting changes, the author will provide the Manual Editor with a summary of the changes that can be used for all internal and external communication notifications (see Attachment B).

Note: Additional communication avenues/strategies may be developed and utilised for either emergency updates or changes within a monthly update at the discretion of the Manual Editor in consultation with and/or agreement of the PTWG as required.

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