The Manual

Date Published

The Manual is a reference for patent examiners and defines the authorised current practice that applies to the searching and examination of national and international applications, and associated actions. The Manual is not a user guide for patent applicants.

The Manual is currently organised in six volumes:

Volume 1:


Volume 2:


Volume 3:

Oppositions, Disputes and Extensions

Volume 4:

Classification, Searching and Information Technology

Volume 5:

PAMS Examiner’s Reference

Volume 6:

PERP (Patent Examiner’s Report Processing)

The Manual is only available in electronic format (online version) and can be accessed from the Patent Examination workbenches on the intranet. Volumes 1, 2, 3 and 4.1 are also available via IP Australia’s website for external customers.

The master copy of the Manual is held in a BRIK folder in accordance with the record keeping procedures of IP Australia.

In addition to the master copy, there is also the electronic working copy which is referred to as the online version. The working copy is taken directly from the master copy to ensure it is accurate and up to date.

The Manual is a controlled document and its accuracy can only be guaranteed when viewed electronically.

The P&PBR Technical Working Group (PTWG)

The PTWG is responsible for all aspects of the Manual. Its main focus is to ensure that all parts of the Manual are effective, and that changes to the Manual are carried out in a coordinated and efficient manner drawing on the relevant technical expertise and are communicated effectively.

The Editor of the Manual

While the PTWG is responsible for all aspects of the Manual, the day to day responsibility of the Manual is with the Manual Editor. The Manual Editor authorises or seeks authorisation for any changes and relays these changes to the appropriate areas.

The Manual Editor is usually a Supervising Examiner who may delegate some of their day to day responsibilities to the Sub-Editors. The list of the current Manual Editor and Sub-Editors is shown in Attachment A.