Keyboard Shortcuts

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Navigating the left hand pane

  • Tab moves through the Table of Contents

  • Shift +Tab moves backwards through the Table of Contents

  • Enter opens a book or a topic

Navigating between panes

  • F6 moves the focus to the next pane

  • Shift + F6 moves the focus back to the previous pane

Navigating the right hand pane

  • Up Arrow and Down Arrow on the keyboard scroll up and down the page

  • Page Up and Page Down scrolls up or down the page in larger increments
  • End takes you to the end of the page
  • Home takes you to the top of the page
  • Tab moves through the hyperlinks
  • Enter to follow a hyperlink

Keyboard shortcuts for the back and forward buttons

  • ​​​​​​​Alt + Left Arrow takes you to the previously viewed page

  • Alt + Right Arrow takes you forward to the next page viewed

Copying and pasting

  • Ctrl + A selects all the text in the right hand pane

  • use the mouse to select the text to copy (there are no keyboard shortcuts for selecting parts of a web page)

  • Ctrl + C copies the selected text

  • Ctrl + V pastes the selected text in your Word document


  • Ctrl + P prints the active pane