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2.2. Filing of Documents - requirements as to form

Added full stop back in.

14.1. The purpose of classification

Publishing page for testing purposes - full stop removed and added back in

18.3. Rejection of an application for registration

Remove references to Decision on the written record (obsolete term).

2.13 Revocation

Remove reference to Decision on the Written Record (obsolete term)

51.4. Suspensions

Remove reference to Decision on the written record (obsolete term).

51.5. Hearing of the opposition

Remove reference to Decision on the written record (obsolete term).

49.2. Opposition to non-use application

Updating information

61.4. Information that the Registrar of Trade Marks will Not Accept in Confidence

Archived at request of OLC.

61.5. Confidential Information in Correspondence

Content updated.

61.3. Documents to be made Available for Public Inspection (API)

Page renamed and content updated.

61.1. Availability of Documents

FOI content updated.

29. Annex A1 - Table of INN stems

Update links to current WIPO publication

32A.2.6 Non-Roman characters (NRC) and transliterations in class 31 plant examination.

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29.7.Phonewords and Phone Numbers

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29.10. Claims to Indigenous origin

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29.9. Geographical references

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29.4. Descriptions of goods/services

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29.8. Internet Domain Names

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29.6. Names of Persons

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​​​​​​​29.5. International Non-Proprietary Names (generic names for pharmaceutical substances) and INN stems

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