Recent updates

Item amended Date Amended Amended Reason
Annex 1 - Applicable Sections of the PBR Act

Additions to Annex 1: definitions, section 14, section 15 of PBR Act.

20. Titles of well known books, novels, stories, plays, films, stage shows, songs and musical works

Minor correction of MATLIDA to MATILDA

4. Practice for examining trade marks containing the signs specified in reg 4.15

Content updated.

3. When does a ground for rejection exist under the terms of the subsection 39(2)?

Removal of 3.1 and update to content.

2. Prescribed signs - subsection 39(2)

Minor amendment to layour of text.

Annex A1 - Examples of Legislation which may trigger the provisions of section 42(b)

Crimes (Currency) Act 1981 added

3. Rejection of an application for registration

Additional information provided for rejection at first report and rejection of divisionals.

3. Procedure for withdrawal of an application, notice or request (other than an application to register a trade mark)

Amend COG to CEG

2.3 Data Entry

Amend COG and Customer Operations Group to CEG and Customer Engagement Group

Annex A2 - Principles of classification

Update to classification of services information.

Annex A3 - Registered words which are not acceptable in specifications of goods and services

Update to registered words that are not acceptable in specifications.

5. Principles of classification and finding the correct class for specific items

Addition of distribution and business services

9. Divisional Applications and the Intellectual Property Laws Amendment (Raising the Bar) Act 2012

Add spacing between tables to clarify examples

4. Similarity of goods and services


3. Cross Class Search List


1. Use of a trade mark generally
4. Australian Use
5. Rights of appeal from decisions of the Registrar
4.20 Cessation of Protection because of Non-Use
1. Legislative Basis