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Customer Service Charter Timeliness Guidelines

Changes as per the email from Tim and Naveen. Issuing the Invitation to Pay Additional Search Fees

Updated to reflect the changes to the CSC when ITP has been issued. Legal Principles

Fixed the link to:
-2.11.2 Construction of Specifications
- Is the claims for a new class of subject matter

1.2.5 Subjects to be Excluded from the Search

Updated to address IL-4983 relating to claimed invention with high likelihood of patentability issues arising in national prosecution for Art. 15(5) report.

1.10.1 Current Allocation of PCT Related Duties

Updated to reflect current contact officers.

1.10.5 Examiners with Foreign Language Capabilities

Updated to reflect current list of translators. Box III Non-Establishment of Opinion with Regard to Novelty, Inventive Step & Industrial Applicability

Updated to address IL-4958 regarding the correct boxes to check in ISO/ISR when sequence listing was not filed.

4.1.6 Recording the Search Details

Content migration Cessation of Search

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4.1.5 Conducting the Search

Content migration Non-Patent Literature

Content migration Japanese FI/F-Term Classification

Content migration How to Use Classification Symbols in Searching

Content migration How to Find Classification Symbols for a Search

Content migration Searching Using Classification

Content migration Patent Literature

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