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Item amended Date Amended Amended Reason
Part 5. Plant Varieties Journal

MM Approving and checking flows

Part 7. Grant of Plant Breeder's Rights

MM approving and testing the flow

Part 4. Test Growing

MM Approving and checking flows

Qualified Persons (QPs)

Corrected legislation and form links and made minor grammatical changes for clarity throughout.

Part 8. Refusing an Application of PBR

Corrected s44 link to AustLII
Made minor grammatical edits to punctuation etc throughout

Quality Management at IP Australia

Testing purposes

Timeliness Commitments

on behalf of Maddie Manning

Part 3. Acceptance

- Add more details in Point 18, Examiner assessment of application in Part 3. Acceptance.
- Add instructions on Pre-examination trial agreement.

Product Quality Standards

Deleting old quality standards

Monitoring and Measuring Quality at IP Australia

Remove the page about error tier levels as this relates to the old quality system

Part 6.1 Objections to Applications

Content migration

Part 6. Public Comments

Content migration

Part 4.2 Australian Native Species

Content migration

Part 4.1 Overseas Test Report Content migration
Part 3.1 Variety Denomination Assessment

Content migration

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