Recent updates

Item amended Date Amended Amended Reason
8.16. Examination on Registrar's initiative

Addition of Part 8.16.

10.5. Product: Product name

Minor clarification regarding product names.

6.2. Representations: General requirements

Minor correction.

6.13. Pairs and mirror images

Minor clarification regarding pairs.

22.4. Amendments: Inclusion of matter not in substance disclosed

Minor correction.

10.10. Product: Examples - things that are / are not products

Deletion in line with clarification regarding pairs.

Designs (Formal Requirements for Designs Documents) Instrument 2022

Minor correction.

13.1. Assessing newness and distinctiveness: overview

Minor clarification.

9.2. Identifying the design: Overall appearance

Minor clarification.

18.3. Prior publication or use exceptions: Unauthorised disclosures

Section 17 - clarification.

2.2. Application for registration: Registration process

Deletion of chart.

4.2. The ‘Formalities check’ and ‘Formal requirements’
4.3 Formalities assessment: Formalities notices
Annex A - An example of a grace period declaration
18.6. Prior publication or use exceptions: Grace Period
Sub-class 13-03
Workflow test page
22. Amendments
28. Hearings
27. Publication and file access