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Annex A - An example of a grace period declaration

Grace period.

Grace Period

Grace period changes.

18.3. Prior publication or use exceptions: Unauthorised disclosures

grace period minor changes.

18.2. Prior publication or use exceptions: Exhibitions

grace period minor changes.

18. Prior publication or use exceptions

grace period minor changes.

18.1. Prior publication or use exceptions: overview

grace period minor changes.

Sub-class 13-03

Updating link.

Class 13 Equipment for production, distribution or transformation of energy

Minor correction to class 13 detail - sub-class link.

12.5. Section 43 refusal to register: Scandalous content

Grammatical updates.

8. Examination and certification

Update to sub-topic heading at 8.13.

Class 08 Tools and hardware

Fix broken links.

Sub-class 14-03

Correction to sub-class detail.

22.2. Amending an application

Minor correction to text.

22.6.3. Other types of amendments: Adding a new designer

Amendments review.

22.5. Increasing the scope of the design registration

Amendments review.

22.6.5. Other types of amendments: Register indicating that a design has been revoked

Amendments review.

22.3. Amending a registration

Amendments review.

22.4. Inclusion of matter not in substance disclosed

Amendments review.

Citation index

2021 ADO 1 addition.

10.5. Product: Product name Minor correction and hyperlink inclusion. Refine text re: Logos, type-fonts and software given as product name.