7.6. Classification: Multiple products or designs

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Multiple products, multiple designs

We must be able to classify all the products in an application into the same Locarno class. The individual products might belong in different subclasses but they must all be in the same class. If we cannot classify all of the products into the same class, the applicant will need to amend the application to delete or exclude the design(s) in different classes.​​​​​​​


OK: Application for a mirror (class 06-07), table (class 06-03A) and bed frame (class 06-02) – all with different designs.

Not OK: Application for a mirror (class 06-07), table (class 06-03A), bed frame (class 06-02) and lamp (class 26). We will ask the applicant to delete or exclude the lamp.

Multiple designs, one product

A single application can be for multiple designs applied to a single product. Given that what we are classifying is the product and there is only one product, it can remain as one application and be classified properly.

Amended Reasons

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