24.1. Assignments and other interests: overview

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Key legislation in this topic: Designs Act: s 10, 114; Designs Regulations: reg 9.03

Key related topics: Amendments

Design rights are personal property. Once someone becomes the registered owner of a design, they have the right to deal with the design as its absolute owner. This includes the right to license the design or to assign it to someone else (s 10(2)).

Assignment is where the designer or other registered owner of the design assigns (sells or gives) all or part of their ownership of the design to someone else.

Ownership of a design right can also change by devolution. Devolution is where ownership transfers by will (bequest) or by law (such as a court order).

A design can only be assigned or devolved to someone who is entitled to own a design.

The basis for dealing with changes of ownership is s 114 of the Designs Act.

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