3.3. Fees: Renewal fees

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A renewal request is not valid until we receive the fee.

If the fee is not paid on the date of the renewal request, we send a notice of underpayment (NOU). The NOU must be issued within one month of filing the request, giving the applicant 2 months to pay. If they have not paid by the end of the 2 months, we treat the request as not having been filed.

There is a 6-month grace period for design renewals (reg 4.09) – i.e. after the 5-year registration period ends, the owner can still renew the design in the next 6 months. However, there is an extra fee per month for renewals in the 6-month grace period.

If they have not renewed the design (i.e. filed the request and paid the accumulated fee) by the end of the grace period, the owner will need to request an extension of time for renewal.


Based on a monthly fee of $100 for renewals in the grace period and a monthly fee of $100 for an extension of time, if the renewal is 9 months late, the amount due will be $1,200. This is the total of:

  • $100 for each month of the 6-month grace period and each of the subsequent 3 months – i.e. $900
  • $100 for each month of the extension of time – i.e. $300.

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