6.6. Representations: Text

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Any text in the representations must be clear and necessary.


Any text in a representation must be typed or in large and legible handwriting.



Representations can only include text if it is necessary for understanding the representation.

This is restricted to titles for the representations (labelling) and in limited circumstances other descriptive text that is essential for understanding the representation and what it is attempting to show about the product embodying the design. For example, on the basis that the product bearing the design is a dress, and representation(s) show the dress on a mannequin, including text that makes it clear that the mannequin forms no part of the design being applied for.

Generally the only acceptable text is:

  • simple explanatory titles like ‘Front view’
  • words that are part of the actual design.

Descriptive text must not be used in representations to give weight to features or identify their importance. It is very important for the formalities officer to query any such use of text. The proper place for information that serves to guide or specify what features are considered to be new and distinctive is a statement of newness and distinctiveness (SoND).​​​​​​​


Product name: Confectionary


Not acceptable because the company name is not necessary for understanding the representation.

Acceptable because the figure title is necessary for understanding the representation.


Schedule of representations

Some applications include a list (schedule) describing each representation. If so, it must:

  • accurately describe all the representations
  • not add extra information – i.e. descriptive text other than wording necessary to understand the representation(s).

Text that would not be acceptable in a representation is not acceptable in a list of representations.​​​​​​​


Not acceptable because the schedule contains extraneous text – specifically, ‘The glove shown in this design...’.

Acceptable because the schedule simply lists the figure names and the views they show.

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