12.2. Section 43 refusal to register: Medals

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A design for a medal must not be registered (s 43; reg 4.06).

This applies to anything that fits the definition of a ‘medal’ or ‘medallion’, even if it is called something else in the application.

The Macquarie dictionary defines a medal as:

A flat piece of metal, usually in the shape of a disk, star, cross, or the like, bearing an inscription, device, etc, issued to commemorate a person, action or event, or given to serve as a reward for bravery, merit, or the like.

The assessor will make an objective decision about whether a medal or medallion falls into the scope of reg 4.06(a) using the above definition – that is, they will assess the design to determine whether it appears to have a commemorative or reward purpose. A design that looks like a medal or medallion but does not have that purpose – e.g. a medallion-inspired design for jewellery – is not in this non-registrable category.

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