7.5. Classification: More than one possible classification

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Because the product has several functions

Some products have more than one possible classification – for example, a portable cooler with an inbuilt speaker.

If the product has more than one possible classification, we will need to classify the product into each of the potential classes. For example, a portable cooler with a speaker could be classed into 07-07A (iceboxes, coolers) and 14-01 (equipment for the reproduction of sound).​​​​​​

Because the purpose is unclear

Sometimes the classification of a product is difficult because there are several options available depending on function or purpose and the application does not provide enough information to indicate what the product’s function or purpose  is.

For example, a toner cartridge might be classified in 14-02 (computer printers), 16-03 (photocopiers) or 18-02 (printing machines).

In this case we need to ask the applicant for more information about the function or purpose of the product – for example, whether the toner is for a computer printer, a photocopier or a printing machine.

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