6.7. Representations: Common designs

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A common design is one where a single design is applied to more than one product. The set of representations for a common design must:

  • show the design in relation to each product  identified in the application
  • show, as far as possible, the same design for all products.

Show each product

The representations must clearly show the design in relation to each product identified in the application. This will require a separate sheet for each product. The exception being where the common design applied to the products is identical, for example a car and toy car where the design has been filed on or after 10 March 2022.

Each product name must match the corresponding representation.


Show the same design for all products

The representations must clearly show the same design for all the products, to the extent that the designer has control over the product features – i.e. taking into account the product name and the nature of each product. (See Freedom of the creator of the design to innovate.)

Where 2 products cannot have the same overall shape, we look at the areas that can share the same design. Examples are:

  • knives, forks and spoons (handle design)
  • curtains and cushions (pattern and/or ornamentation).

​​​​​​​Example of an acceptable filing for a common design:

Product name: T-shirt; Mug; Bag


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