6.13. Pairs and mirror images

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When representations show a pair of things this increases the risk that the representations include inconsistent visual features and identify further designs.

Example (Design 201011964)

Product name: A right or left handed sock


The above representation shows a pair of socks. Included however are two designs, the shape and configuration of one sock including the word ’left’ as a visual feature, and the other with the word ‘right’. ​​​​​​

Example (Design 202011415)

Product name: Earphones


This example shows what is considered to be a mirror image of an earphone. A mirror image being something that looks exactly the same as another thing but with its left and right sides in opposite directions. Whilst the representation shows the earphone in different positions, namely, to reflect the left and right ear, there is no inconsistency in visual features. A single design is shown.

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