10.2. Product: Identifying the product

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When applying for registration, the applicant needs to clearly identify a ‘product’ by using the criteria in s 6. The application should also fully identify the function or purpose of that product so that it can be accurately classified. The applicant’s identification of the product and its purpose will be included on the Register.

The applicant is responsible for correctly specifying the product. If the product has not been identified correctly, the application will need to be amended.

Where there is conflict between the product identification on the application form and the representations, the formalities officer will identify the product based on the representations and will assume that the textual product identification is wrong.​​​​​​​

If the application is registered with a product name that does not appear to match the representation(s), the examiner will identify the product on the basis of the representations – with an assumption that the textual product identification is in error.

Amended Reasons

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