5.1. Applicant name: overview

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An application for registration must contain an applicant name that is set out in the correct format. The applicant must be entitled to be the owner of the design and they must be a legal personA legal person includes an individual recognised by law as a legal person, or a group of people recognised by law to act as one individual.

The applicant name can be the name of:

The applicant name cannot be:

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The applicant name should be checked to make sure that it is exactly the same as that of the designer. If the name of the applicant is not exactly the same as that of the designer, the applicant must provide a statement of entitlement.

If the application has been filed through Online Services, the owner details section reminds the user to ensure that each applicant is entitled to be a registered owner.

If the applicant name appears on its face to meet the definition of a legal ‘person’, we will accept it. The formalities officer will not check the particulars any further to try to determine whether they are correct. If the officer is unsure of the material provided, they will query it.

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