6.10. Representations: Specimens or 3D models

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Drawings and photos are the preferred formats for representations. However, in some cases we can accept specimens and 3D models.​​​


A specimen is a product sample – an actual physical thing.

For example, the applicant may submit a piece of fabric with a particular pattern to physically show what a representation is trying to demonstrate.

We prefer not to receive specimens and very rarely do. If this situation does arise, we are most likely to ask the applicant to submit a photograph of the specimen. On receiving a specimen, we will either store it or, if it is too large, electronically capture it and return it to the applicant.

Specimens of 2-dimensional products may be acceptable if they can be photographed to a standard where all the visual features of the design are clear. If not, the representations should also (or instead) include drawings or photos.

3D models

We accept one 3D model with each design application. We can use this as a visual aid to help with the examination process. However, we will not consider it to be an official representation. This means:

  • the applicant will still need to submit 2D representations
  • the 3D model will not contribute to defining the scope of protection for the design
  • the 3D model will not be included on the Australian Design Search database, in the Australian Journal of Designs or on any certificates
  • the statement of newness and distinctiveness should not refer to the 3D model.

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