45.1. Documents copied by the Office

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Copies of documents are requested from the Office for a number of reasons.  They may be required for court proceedings, as a record of Register details if the certificate of Registration has been lost, for registration of the trade mark in other countries, or to claim priority in a Convention country.  A copy of any document or information held at the Trade Marks Office can be requested if it is Available for Public Inspection (API)*.  Examples of documents requested to be copied by the Office include:

  • Register pages

  • application forms

  • assignment documents

  • status reports

  • other documents Available for Public Inspection (API)

Requests for copies must be made in writing (but see Part 2.2).  In most cases, a fee is charged and payment should accompany the request (but see Part 4.4).

For historical reasons, the documents kept by the Trade Marks Office exist in a variety of paper and electronic formats.  The procedures to be followed vary slightly according to the form in which the requested document exists.  

*Note: Copies of documents that are not Available for Public Inspection (API) may be requested under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act 1982.  The procedures relating to these documents are not included in this Manual.

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