60. Glossary

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Basic trade mark - This is the national application for registration or the national registration on which the international application and resulting registration is based.

Contracting Party - Any country, State or intergovernmental organisation which is a Party to the Protocol.

Designated country - A country which is party to the Protocol and which has been nominated in the international application or subsequent designation.

Holder - The owner of an international registration.

IB - International Bureau of WIPO.

IRDA - An international registration designating Australia.

Office of Origin - The Trade Marks Office of the country or intergovernmental organisation through which the international application is filed.

Protected International Trade Mark - An international registration which has designated Australia and successfully completed IP Australia’s examination and opposition processes.

Subsequent Designation - Is a request by the holder of an international registration to extend the protection of the international registration to additional countries.

WIPO - The World Intellectual Property Organization

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