62. Relevant Legislation

Date Published

The Act

Section 84A Registration may be revoked

Section 84B Registration must be revoked if opposition was ignored in registration process

Section 84C Effect of revocation of registration

Section 84D Appeal from revocation of registration

Section 224(3A) Extension of Time

The Regulations

Reg 8.1A Notice of revocation

Reg 17A.42A Registrar’s powers to amend or cease protection

Reg 17A.42B Notice to be given

Reg 17A.42C Hearings and procedure

Reg 17A.42D Effect of amendment or cessation of protection by Registrar

Reg 17A.42E Registrar to notify Customs CEO

Reg 17A.42F Appeal to Federal Court or Federal Circuit Court

Amended Reasons

Amended Reason Date Amended

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