18. Relevant Legislation

Date Published

The Act

Section 6 Definitions



"this Act"

Section 33 Application accepted or rejected

Section 34 Notification of decision

Section 35 Appeal

Section 37 Lapsing of application

Section 63 Amendment of application for registration of trade mark

Section 68 Obligation to register

Section 202 Registrar's powers

Section 204 Registrar to act as soon as practicable

Section 206 Delegation of Registrar's powers and functions


The Regulations

Reg 4.12 Periods after which applications lapse

Reg 6.1 Amendment of applications by Registrar

Reg 7.1 Period in which a trade mark can be registered

Reg 19.2 Delegates of the Registrar

Amended Reasons

Amended Reason Date Amended

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