4.8. Disputed credit card payments/Dishonoured cheques

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When a payment either by credit card or cheque is disputed/dishonoured, the following procedures apply:


Accounts sends Administration a copy of the letter sent to the customer by the Receiver of Public Monies (RPM).


The OMW operator amends the record of fees paid on the trade marks database (RIO) and in OMW and notifies the appropriate work area that the credit card/cheque is disputed/dishonoured.  The action taken or being taken by the work area in respect of the document is reversed or stopped and the customer is notified.


When money is received, it is reconciled against the original document and the work area is advised of the payment.


If the person who wrote the cheque is not notified of the problem within the 14 days allowed by subsection 223(5) (reg 21.23), the document is taken to be filed on the day it was received.  However, no further action will be taken in respect of it until payment has been made.

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