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Item amended Date Amended Amended Reason
9.4. Amendment after particulars of an application have been published (Sections 63, 65 and 65A)

Hyperlinks updated.

60.2.2 International Application Form

Basic application or basic registration - information updated.

60.2.4 Certifying Process

Updated information regarding basic trade marks and eligibility for international applications.


Pushing document to the external site.

14.5. Principles of classification and finding the correct class for specific items

Addition of 5.2.15 Virtual goods, metaverse, NFTs and blockchain

3.2. Form of the application

Testing purposes

51.2. Extension of the period for filing evidence

Part 51.2 Extension of the period for filing evidence - Updated to include a summary of guidance for parties filing evidence.
Part 51.2.2 Reasons for the extension for evidentiary periods - Updated information on the application of the reasonable efforts and prompt and diligent at all times requirements; removed commencement date reference to Raising the Bar amendments.

22.15. Geographical names

15.2 The likelihood that others will desire to use the geographical name - Minor update

30. Annex A3 - Defence Force prohibited terms and emblems Re-submitting this page to send the Defence Force prohibited signs to external Manual
28. Annex A1 - Information sheet for trade mark applicants

Fix broken link

1.4. Examination Quality Standards

Remove link and add Quality Standards

51.10 Revocation of Acceptance

Adding chapter link to external manual

51.11 Unilateral Communications with Hearing Officers

taggind to ext manual

13.7. Examples of Invalid Series Trade Marks

Invalid series examples updated.

39.4. Timing

Correction of conflicting information clarifying that 5-month period before allocation of advertising date is calculated from priority date, not filing date.

26.6. Factors to consider when comparing trade marks

Reputation content updated

26.7. Trade marks with the same priority/filing date

Page updated to contain information relating to letters of consent.

30. Annex A1 - Examples of Legislation which may trigger the provisions of section 42(b)

Human Services (Centrelink) Act 1997 s 38 (added)

27.3. Negotiation with owner/s of conflicting trade mark/s

Clarification re correspondence

1.1. Introduction

spacing fixed

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