Recent updates

Item amended Date Amended Amended Reason
51.10 Revocation of Acceptance

Adding chapter link to external manual

51.11 Unilateral Communications with Hearing Officers

taggind to ext manual

30. Annex A3 - Defence force prohibited terms and emblems

Updated with link to relevant terms and emblems.

13.7. Examples of Invalid Series Trade Marks

Invalid series examples updated.

39.4. Timing

Correction of conflicting information clarifying that 5-month period before allocation of advertising date is calculated from priority date, not filing date.

26.6. Factors to consider when comparing trade marks

Reputation content updated

26.7. Trade marks with the same priority/filing date

Page updated to contain information relating to letters of consent.

30. Annex A1 - Examples of Legislation which may trigger the provisions of section 42(b)

Human Services (Centrelink) Act 1997 s 38 (added)

27.3. Negotiation with owner/s of conflicting trade mark/s

Clarification re correspondence

1.1. Introduction

spacing fixed

10.4. Translation/transliteration of non-English words and non-Roman characters

Update hyperlinks

52.2.What is a hearing?

Changes to oral hearing structure

22.25. Devices

Minor update.

22.27. Trade marks that include plant varietal name

Reviewed - no changes.

22.26. Composite trade marks

Minor update.

22. Annex A1 Section 41 prior to Raising the Bar

Reviewed- no changes.

22.24. Trade marks for pharmaceutical or veterinary substances

Reviewed - no changes.

22.23. Combinations of letters and numerals

Reviewed - no changes.

22.22. Numerals

Minor update.

22.21. Titles of other books or media

Minor update.